Company Profile

     Since 1979 Martin Groff Construction Company has built over 1000 homes in the resort area for families of all age groups.  These homes have been constructed with Quality as a foremost consideration.  From year one when we built seven homes, to today when thirty-five new homes per year is not out of the realm of possibility, Service to the customer has not been sacrificed.  Additionally, with over twenty-five years of experience, there can be no question of Reliability.

     The product mix over the years has included anything from starter homes to million dollar homes.  The size of the project has never been a factor regarding quality workmanship since the same craftsmen who are capable of building the very elaborate product also build the least expensive models.

     For the past twelve years, Martin Groff Construction Company has added the home improvement, remodeling and renovation division to better service the ongoing needs of all our past customers who decided it was time to expand or upgrade.  In some instances, the past customer has made the decision to build new, rather than remodel or upgrade their existing home.  To date, the record is three homes built for the same customer while there are several who now are living in their second Martin Groff Construction Company home.  One can observe the record and see that Martin Groff Construction Company homes have resold well in the resale market with many listing agents emphasizing the fact that the home offered was built by Martin Groff Construction Company.

     Come join the ever expanding family of Martin Groff Construction Company home owners and put a Martin Groff roof over your head.  Let us build the home of your dreams.  We know you won't be disappointed with your decision.